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Shipping & Returns


The receiving international orders takes 4-8 working days. In general, the overall processing time and delivery is equal to the total delivery time. The processing time is usually in the range of 24 hours to 2 days. The processing time of your order includes receiving, sending information to the appropriate storage, packaging and shipment. After completion of treatment, the release starts. The delivery is the time transit camp to send to your delivery address.

Order Tracking

Order tracking is in your account available or e-mail with the link with tracking number tracking when your order has shipped. If you appear your order too late, it is necessary to consider the following points:


We strive to provide quality products to sell, we hope you with a lot of joy, but we also know that for one reason or another, there may be a time when you have you bought to return or exchange something. Please make sure that you check your items carefully before they are used or installed. We also recommend that you keep your receipt or order number, which is on the order confirmation or the delivery package, you may need proof of purchase in case of questions after the sale.

Solve your problem

If you have any questions about how your personal information is collected and used questions, please contact contact us. We will respond to your request or complaint, edit as soon as possible.